Digital Library

 Digital Library has been ever evolving for the Institute. Established with 14 desktops in 2007, it has presently 150 (desktops and laptops) ain 2018, the library holds its tasks in providing information and needs at finger tips. Wi-Fi facility with 310 MBPS any one and at any corner can access science for betterment of society.


The Digital library offers a wide spectrum of services. Its main task is the academically oriented procurements, mentoring, video conferencing and online classes. To ease the time crisis of students it has stretched the working hours from 9 am to 8 pm and on Sundays 10am to 2pm. Following are few initiations and innovations of digital programs to aid medicos.

Digital Language Lab is a unique State of Art solution developed to improve the Communication skill of students. Digital Language Lab involves students to actively participate in language learning exercises and get more practice than otherwise possible in a traditional classroom environment. Using the lab student can improve the command over their language, gain confidence and get ready for real world challenges like facing interviews, doing presentation, expressing thoughts, etc.

Online Synopsis : To make a research process user friendly, Online synopsis software was developed. This has been an easy  way for communication, tracking, reviewing and archiving the research process materials between student and Guides.

Instructions –

  • Register at the website if you are a new user with all credentials as mentioned.
  • The Name, Surname, email and contact number should be verified before submitting. These should be as per the records submitted during admission.
  • After logging in, select the branch, and start filling the spaces as required and submit the synopsis.

Disha : e-Daily dairy for teachers and consultants. It helps to keep a track and pen down day to day activities done by individual.

e-log book: Internees are empowered with this to document the internship works and activities on day to day activity.

e- Herbarium: A step towards green environment by involving students developing herb database by using students taken photographs and its literature from classics

Akshara: It is an archival of all classical and non-classical texts books done in collaboration with FRLHT Bengaluru. This serves as 24*7 ready reference library for students and post graduate scholars. It has empowered the departments with ready reference material.

e- Journal: The institutional theme for current academic year is ICT enabled teaching we all are working for the development of the same. In this regard, Institution is focusing on development of ICT enabled teaching contents.

The Dept of PG studies in Swasthavritta has come up with unique concept of E journal development for 2016 batch and it has successfully completed the template development work.

This unique and exclusive E journal format for UG students is an added a feather to the crown of KLE ayurworld. The institution stands first in developing E journal for Undergraduates of Ayurveda.

MCQ software: for internal examinations, MCQ tests are evaluated digitally which has carried transparency in exams.

Contineo software – online attendance and marks

TCS ion HRMS software – for staff leaves & Data base management

Hospital Management software – Institute has newly rolled down Paper less administration of patient management.

Many other facility like Evalsoftware, Pathoplus, SMS broadcasting,

Online conferenceOnline Feedback: help in keeping the institute under flagship of Digital India.

 E-software : e-Nigantu, Charak Samhita, Madavnidanam,   Sushruta Samhita in cd format

e-News paper:


External Examiner panal : 

 SMS broadcasting – Institution SMS broadcasting facilities like Ayush tv , Night duity alert, Hospital patient free camp alert  etc

Online Feedback: ( Feed back, Analysis & Action taken  forms

Emails – All Gsuite  official emails for staff ex.

whatsapp : for official e-notice , e-circular sms etc

Institution Repository

Online e-Journals :  Electronic Journals Gateways/Database
KLE University is the member of HELINET Consortium (Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science) (RGUHS). The consortium consists of the following Databases