It is a special and unique procedure wing for the management of Eye disorders, through 7 Kriyakalpas.

Tarpana– Medicated ghee is made to retain for a specific time with specific arrangements. This will nourish eyes and prevents early progressive refractive error, eye strain, and retinal diseases.

Seka– In this procedure medicine is poured on closed eyes continuously from 4 inches height for a specific time according to Doshas and it is indicated for acute inflammatory conditions.

Ashchotana– The medicated drops are put into the eyes from a 2-inch height. It is indicated in infection and allergic conditions of the eye.

Anjana– Here medicine is applied over the inner surface of the lid margin.

Pindi– Medicated paste is tied in a thin cloth and kept over the eye.

Bidalaka– Medicated paste is applied to the eyelids. It is indicated in the Stye, Chalazion, and Inflammatory conditions of the eye.

Putapaka-This procedure is the same as Tarpana but here instead of medicated ghee we use medicine extracted from herbs.

Along with these procedures we also carry out Gandusha, Kavala, Pratisarana, Dhoomapana, Nasa-Seka, Nasa-pradeha for various ENT disorders in the Kriyakarma wing.